About Jennifer Napier Career Consulting

The Journey of an Entrepreneur

(Retired on December 31st, 2018)


Jennifer Napier Career Consulting (JNCC) was independently owned and operated by Jennifer Napier and based in Central Kentucky. JNCC was a proud member of both the Richmond and Berea Chambers of Commerce. Jennifer Napier earned both her Bachelor's Degree and her Master's Degree from Eastern Kentucky University, located in Richmond, Kentucky.

Jennifer had over 25 years of professional experience and service in Kentucky. Her professional career journey encompassed serving as a:

  • Residential Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Mental Health Services Coordinator
  • WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Out-of-School Youth Program Director
  • Kentucky Workforce Development Instructor and Training Provider
  • Kentucky Adult Education Program Director
  • American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Grant Funded Project
    • Director of Job Access Program
  • Instructional Provider at the University & Community College level
  • Successful Entrepreneur
  • Progressive Small Business Owner
  • Business and Career Focused Newspaper Columnist
  • Blogger - Career & Business

Upon graduating college, and after a decade of working under government grant funded programs (whose futures proved unstable as the U.S. economy weakened during the Great Recession) Jennifer made the decision to create her own future and launched her own business, naming it Jennifer Napier Career Consulting.

Jennifer's vision was to incorporate the skills she had acquired over her years of employment. She wanted to help job seekers and employers meet two common goals: grow local jobs and sustain a well-trained, adaptable workforce.

Jennifer brought to her company over two decades of successful experience at the local, regional, and state levels in budgeting, leadership roles, program management, professional development, education, and customized workforce training opportunities. Her company's primary focus was in customized on-site corporate training, individualized technology tutoring, and targeted career coaching.

Jennifer Napier had developed and maintained an excellent reputation for her professionalism, work ethics, and personalized training techniques. Her teaching style was innovative, motivating, and genuine. Her ability to explain abstract ideas and complex subject matters had attracted growing numbers of businesses and individuals who enjoy her down-to-earth style of instruction. Satisfied businesses, productive employees, and successful clients, provided her with a never ending flow of referrals, which were a testament to her dedication in providing quality customer service, and results-oriented personalized instruction.

Personal History:

Getting involved with Scouts as a young child taught Jennifer to develop an excellent work ethic, a never-give-up attitude, and instilled in her the importance of dedicating time to provide genuine volunteer service, which she continues to this day.

Jennifer's work history began at the young age of 12, when she was hired periodically to babysit for a single-parent of three small children. Jennifer thrived on mentoring, the satisfaction of performing a job well done, serving others, and the accountability and responsibility that work provided. She eagerly obtained her first stable job that earned her a weekly paycheck at the age of 14, working for a small, locally-owned restaurant. She continued to work part-time, attended school full-time and never gave up on completing her goals. She enrolled in vocational classes beginning in the 11th grade and passed her exam to become a state certified nurse aide before even leaving high school. "I thought vo-tech training was a no-brainer," Jennifer recalls. "Most classmates worked for minimum wage, and I was driven to survive on more than minimum wage due to life circumstances. That certification provided me a sense of accomplishment, and really paid off in the workforce."

She also earned her Girl Scout Gold Award as a Senior in High School and reflects back on those days and laughs "It got easier to sell the cookies the older I got, because there were rarely girls that age who would remain in Girl Scouts. It wasn't viewed as the "cool" thing to do. My friends would joke about it, but that didn't keep them from buying and eating the cookies. I still proudly carry that achievement into adulthood."

Jennifer promotes volunteer service as a way to get involved, meet new people, build up-to-date skill sets, learn about local communities, and serve fellow community members. Volunteer service creates the opportunity to network with other individuals who share common interests, goals, and visions, as well as serves as a reminder that everyone has both struggles and successes during the course of their lifetime, no matter how young or old they live to be.

Volunteers can work together to achieve what is improbable on their own. Jennifer strongly believes volunteer service at the local level inspires individuals to take an active role in their communities, build leadership skills, develop community pride, focus on a unified vision, and locate opportunities that they are passionate about. This results in ultimately helping communities grow and prosper for a brighter future, attracting new entrepreneurs, new industries, new businesses, and helping to grow existing ones.

Having an extensive history of hands-on experience, community servant leadership, and customized professional development experience at the local, regional, and state levels, had enabled Jennifer Napier to offer her experience to businesses, industries, and non-profits. It was the mission of JNCC to offer high quality services for a growing workforce, while empowering employees, developing leaders, and inspiring individuals to contribute to the economic vitality within their households and communities. Jennifer continues to live out her faith in servant leadership styles into her retirement.

Volunteer Leadership and Community Service Roles Include:

Lieutenant Governor (Division 9) Kentucky-Tennessee Service District, 2013-2014

Club Treasurer, 2016-Present

Annual Fundraising Auction Chair, 2012-2015

Club President, 2012-2013

Board of Directors, 2011-Present

President-Elect, 2011-2012

Home Meals Delivery Driver & Volunteer, 2012-Present

Pull-Tabs Collection & Box Tops for Education Chair, 2012-Present

Key Club Co-Advisor & Kiwanis Club Liaison, 2011-Present

Board of Directors Chairperson, 2018

Emeritus Board of Directors (Past Presidents), 2018-Present

Board of Directors Secretary, 2017

Strategic Chair of Membership, 2015-2016

Executive Committee, 2014-Present

Board of Directors, 2013-Present

Economic Development Committee Chair, 2014-2015

Economic Development Committee Member, 2011-Present

Chamber Ambassador, 2012-2014

Pops at the Park Committee, Event Parking Chair, 2013-Present

Annual Golf Scramble Volunteer, 2012-2014, and 2018

Lunch & Learn Professional Development Presenter, 2012-Present

Membership Committee Chair, 2015

Membership and Retention Committee Member, 2012-2017

Past President, 2017

President, 2016

Vice President, 2015

Executive Committee, 2014-Present

Board of Directors, 2012-Present

Secretary for the Board of Directors, 2014

Special Events Committee Chair, 2014-2015

Geocaching Committee Chair, 2014-Present

GeoTour Chair, 2016-Present

MadRock Duck Derby Chair, 2016-Present

Spoonbread Festival Volunteer, 2012-Present

Annual Golf Scramble Volunteer, 2014

Economic Development Committee, 2012-Present

Lunch & Learn Professional Development Presenter, 2012-Present

Career Class Guest Speaker & Mock Interview Coach, 2011-Present

Madison Central High School Key Club Liaison, 2012-Present

Reality Store Volunteer, 2012-Present

Assistant Women's Sunday School Leader, 2011-Present

Technology Chair, 2011-Present

Church Directory Chair, 2012-Present

Vacation Bible School Director, 2016 - Present

Vacation Bible School Volunteer, 2010-Present

Fellowship Field Trip Coordinator, 2016-Present

Sunday Edition Weekly Career and Business Columnist, 2011-2015

Build-Site Volunteer, 2013-Present

Home Ownership Training Class Instructor, 2013-Present

Acknowledgements & Awards Jennifer Napier Has Earned Since Establishing JNCC in 2010:

  • Berea Chamber of Commerce Bronze Sponsor, 2017
  • Berea Chamber of Commerce: Woman of the Year, 2016
  • Berea Chamber of Commerce: President 2016
  • Berea Chamber of Commerce: Nomination for Woman of the Year, 2015
  • Richmond Chamber of Commerce: Community Service Award, 2014
  • Kiwanis International: Past Lt. Governor Recognition, 2014
  • Kiwanis Club of Richmond KY, Inc.: Energy Award, 2014; Perfect Attendance Award, 2012-Present
  • Berea Chamber of Commerce: Volunteer of the Year, 2013
  • Berea Chamber of Commerce: Business of the Month, May 2013
  • House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Citation for being named as the April 2013 Berea Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month
  • Senate of the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Recognition for Distinguished Community Leadership with the Berea Chamber of Commerce, 2013
  • Senate of the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Recognition for Commitment and Dedication with Madison County Leadership and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, 2013
  • House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Citation of Appreciation for being named the Chamber Ambassador of the Year, 2013
  • Richmond Chamber of Commerce: Ambassador of the Year, 2012
  • Kiwanis Club of Richmond KY, Inc.: Perfect Attendance Award 2012
  • House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Recognition and Honor - for participating in Leadership Madison County, 2012
  • Madison Central High School: Positive Home and School Relations Committee: Parent Volunteer of the Month - for volunteer service with Key Club, 2012
  • Leadership Madison County: Program Graduate, 2012
  • The Governor's Spirit of Kiwanis Award, 2011
  • House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Recognition and Honor - for active involvement and leadership in the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, 2011
  • House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Citation of Appreciation for Service as a Distinguished Member of Kiwanis Club- for role in assisting in the establishment of a Key Club at Madison Central High School, 2011

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Origin: Richmond, KY

Retired on December 31st, 2018