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Corporate Services

Do you have employees, team members, organizational members, or other key stakeholders who would benefit from on-site professional development trainings and technology trainings?

Would you like to have access to on-site standardized basic skills assessments for pre-hire, periodic evaluations, or in order to evaluate training needs?

JNCC could save your business or organization valuable time and money with customized and targeted on-site services.

Tech Tutoring

Do you have a technology device that you are struggling to learn how to use? Have you upgraded to a new computer or smartphone? Invested in a tablet or iPad? Are you the proud owner of a new car, but have no idea how to utilize all the amazing features on it? You're not alone.

Technology changes daily. It's hard to keep up. Why not take advantage of scheduling an appointment with JNCC to learn how to become a tech-savvy owner, and an efficient user of your device.

Don't delay, the knowledge and features you're missing out on could save you valuable time and money in ways you never knew were possible before.

Career Coaching

Are you submitting applications and resumes, but not getting phone calls for interviews? Are you getting interviews, but not getting any job offers? Are you ready to change jobs or careers, but not sure how to navigate the employment process? Has it been more than five years since you've searched for a job?

JNCC offers you individualized career coaching appointments to provide valuable information about current strategies, techniques, and trends in the job search process. Knowledge gained from JNCC offers you an edge over your competition, and helps you learn how to stand out among a large pool of applicants, when landing your next great job or career!

About JNCC

JNCC was launched in 2010, and is based in central Kentucky. Flexible service hours enable JNCC to meet the needs of growing businesses, fast-paced industries, and busy career-driven individuals.

Contact JNCC:

Mailing Address:
JNCC / PO Box 578 / Richmond, KY 40476

(859) 779-0885


Upcoming Events

Whether you are looking for a refresher course, a skills enhancement training, a community education class, a professional development training, or an opportunity to explore skills that are completely new to you, JNCC is available and offers a variety of events that make learning fun, interactive, and relevant.

Want a list of the newest dates, times, enrollment fees, and how to join an event? Choose Upcoming Events from the website menu.